Sunny’s Boba will be a distinct participant in this market as we will take the time to do boba right.  From steeping our own tea on premises each day to using options of additives from the most healthy to the most sinful (higher sugar, the full range of milk fat additives), the consumer will appreciate the quality of product we offer just for them as a unique individual. 
  Along with boba, Sunny’s Boba will offer beverage options to include a select few smoothies, crushed ice and espressos.  Rounding out our menu will be a selection of packaged snacks and appetizers from local foodies looking to expand their own product’s market reach as well as a few created in house.

In keeping with the mission of Mandarinsonoma, LLC, to fuse the best of the East with the best of the West, we present Sunny’s Boba & More. The popularity of the Chinese milk-tea beverage commonly known as boba continues to rise dramatically across most urban areas in America.  We believe the popularity is due in no small part to the combination of refreshment, energy (caffiene) and the growing variety of flavor combinations that enable the consumer to create a beverage to his/her unique tastes. 

BOBA--"Be Original Be Amazing❤"

We're passionate about BoBa.