​​​​​​​​Signature Drinks

1.East meet West                               $5.00
 (Mango, Lychee, Jasmine iced tea, mango star jelly, lychee jelly)

2.Magnificent Perfection                   $5.00
 (Mango, Peach, Jasmine milke tea, Mango and peach popping boba)

3.Lychee peachy                               $5.00
 (Lychee, peach, assam black milk tea, lychee jelly, peach popping boba)

4.First love                                       $4.75
 (Lemon, Jasmine milk tea, rainbow jelly, pink boba)

5.Ying- Yang                                      $5.00
 (Vanilla, Chocolate, assam milk tea, boba, agar boba)

6.Earth shake                                    $5.25
 (vanilla/chocolate milk shake, oreo crushed cookie)

7.Pink Flirty                                      $4.75
 (Lychee Rose slush, pink boba)

8.Monkey Business                             $6.00
 (Strawberry banana smoothie with strawberry popping boba and fresh fruit)

9.Caught in the Rain                            $5.75
 (pineapple, coconut, rainbow jelly)

10.Fun in the Sun                                $6.00
 (Pineapple, strawberry, mango, peach, mango jelly, peach popping boba)

11.Mango Madness                               $6.00
 (Mango, fresh Mango pieces, mango popping boba, mango star jelly)

12.passionate paradise                        $6.00

​ (passion fruit, peach smoothie, pink boba, rainbow jelly)

​14. purple romance                                $6.00

​(Rose, blueberry smoothie, aloe vera, fresh blueberries on top)

​15. Summer buzz                                    $5,25

​(Strawberry& Mango black iced tea with fresh mango&strawberry bitz)

​16.Kiwilicious                                         $5.75

​(Half Kiwi half lychee slush top with Lychee jelly & fresh kiwi)

​17. Peach perfect                                    $6.00

​(Peach & Vanilla green milk tea smoothie, top with peach popping boba & fresh peach chunks)

18. Poke Slush                                           $4.75

​(Half watermelon half lychee slush, Boba in the middle makes it looks like a poke ball:))

​19.Orang-u-licious  sm: $5.75   lg: $6.95

​(Orange& caramel milk shake with caramel drizzle &fresh orange piece garnish)

​20. Absolut Matcha                                  $5.50     

​(Coconut &matcha smoothie with sweet red beans on  top)

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